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Clean up your room!

I've had quite a few posts recently along these lines, so I'd I thought I give a bit of summary post.
I read Jordan Peterson 12 rules for life and it's nothing special or heck even much insightful, but it is a very good message for these times. One of the things that you will probably find about Jordan Peterson is he really tries to find meaning in old text and wisdom. It's interesting if you're interested in mythology, but it can seem a bit silly if you don't take it in that context.

I'll paraphrase the message
Whatever problems or injustice you see in the world, have you done the most within your own means to fix up your own life?
It's such a powerful message in these times. This is not about accepting problems or injustice. Yet, it is about a recognition of the personal.
If your personal situation improves, you're less likely to be hateful of whatever injustice there is. You can certainly pursue resolution of the problem/injustice, but it won'…

White Privilege... just an academic concept?

White privilege is a neutral academic observation. It doesn’t mean all white people are rich. It doesn’t mean all white people didn’t have to work hard for their success. It doesn’t imply all white people are racist. It does not attribute to an individual the actions of their race, or damn them for it.
I read this article here about White Privilege. It's funny because I read it around the same time I was listening to some podcasts on another controversial topic. I found myself coming to a similar approach to both.

Academically speaking, can we discuss the concept of 'White Privilege'? Sure, it is an interesting academic concept. As Shree points out in her article, it's just another privilege we can talk about. Everyone has a huge set of privileges from all sorts of basis. Being wealthy, tall, good looking, from a good family...

Here's the thi…

Sacrifice for the Greater Unit

I listened to this last night and it's a pretty good video overall, but one aspect really stood out.
The idea of sacrificing for the greater unit.

Historically, both men and women sacrificed a lot for the family unit and the children
This list is by no means exhaustive, but I'll try and list the sacrifices in the 'traditional' family

Sacrifice sexual relations with other womenSacrifice their body and mind doing work to provide for the family (hard labor, coal mines...)Sacrifice their body and lives protecting the family (war, home defense...) Sacrifice their other pursuits to provide for the family
Sacrificed their careers for the family Sacrificed their freedoms and autonomySacrificed their sexuality to their husband
Anytime you have a greater unit, people are going to need to sacrifice of themselves for it.
A family is a big responsibility, especially since it involves bringing children into the world.

Men and Women and the Family One of the interesting th…

Cultural Appropriation - Is it just butter chicken?

So, I've been thinking a bit about the term cultural appropriation.
Cultural appropriation is a concept in sociology dealing with the adoption of the elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture.The African-American academic, musician and journalist Greg Tate argues that appropriation and the "fetishizing" of cultures, in fact, alienates those whose culture is being appropriated.Others see appropriation as "inevitable" and a contribution to "cultural diversity and free expression.". Writing for The Daily Beast, John McWhorter specifically defended white appropriation of African-American music as "cross-fertilization", and something which is usually done out of admiration of the cultures being imitated, with no intent to harm them Like many concepts in academia, it has some validity, and I understand it. On the other hand, where we draw the lines or feel disrespected var…