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Tupac - Ego Threat Language

I was watching this old youtube interview of Tupac.

This little section caught my mind state. It starts around 02:12.

To me it's like it is my sensitive side that um that likes to blow up the hard my reputation can stop a confrontation before it happens I'm fine you know I'm saying I know how it is day-to-day it's a constant man ego check going on industry in this world so part of that is just like you know that's my that's my resume ...As far as people they want me when they first see me to humble myself they want me to be like this and do it just because they're scared of me but I don't feel like that's my job to humble myself to show you that I'm not a threat I'm not a threat unless your threat to me you know I'm saying so when people say
when you meet pac he's different than they hear because when somebody one-on-one anybody one-on-one I believe honestly that I can talk I believe that I have the ability to reason I have logic I …

HTTP and TCP are reliable?

Been a while since I wrote a tech related article, but I ran into this recently. My Ps4 bricked for some reason and I had to replace the hard-drive. Everything went smooth, until I had to load the ps4 firmware onto the hard-drive. It was a big download, around 1 GB. I kept downloading it and it kept saying it was corrupt. Very weird.

Eventually, I started to verify the download, I found that while the file size was the same from the various download, the MD5 checksum was not.

What is a checksum? Well I guess I should explain what a checksum is. Basically a checksum is a way to verify if some data transported correctly. I'll give a trivial example here.

Suppose we are trying to send the following set of numbers from Bob to Alice

1 3 7 9 0 10 12 15 How does Alice verify that the right numbers were sent? This is where a checksum comes in. Let's create a silly checksum. The value of the checksum will be the addition of all the numbers. In this case, it would be: 1 + 3 + 7 + 9 + 0 …

Can You Remain Neutral?

I've been mulling this over a bit in my head. Is it possible to just remain neutral and just live your life? To look at the big conflicts in life and recognize the validity of each sides grievances and the evil existent in each side. I just don't know.

Violence Against MuslimsThere's definitely Violence and fear of Muslims. A fairly secular Muslim sent me this article about the UK: Punish a Muslim Day.

Now it's possible this is hoax or planted by Muslim themselves, but there is no denying violence against Muslims. Whether it is attacks on Mosques or people.

Not to mention of course the 'expected' tribal violence against Muslims in all kinds of places like Burma.

Violence Against Non-MuslimsThen there's violence against Westerners and other such people.

Not to mention of course the violence against Non-Muslims in Musli…

My first Born

It's been just over a year since I had my first child. Just reflecting a bit here. It really is quite another feeling. It's oddly tiring, but so satisfying. I literally look forward to seeing him every day, even though it's so tiring. The growth he goes through is truly something. What a little character.

It's just the right balance between familiar and new every day. Hopefully pass on my life long lessons so he can live a good life. Good time to be dad man

The Alpha Muslim

So I figured this would be a funny title as of course I'm not really Alpha nor would I meet any textbook definition of Muslim. This video found it's way onto my Youtube feed and I watched it. Oddly, I watch a lot of videos... preachers, Dawahman... I just enjoy listening to different perspectives.

Anyways, here's the video that prompted this blog.

Video Summary Basically it talks about how Muslims are making a mistake aligning themselves with the 'left' and 'victim culture.' In general, he talks about a lot of Muslim values are 'conservative values' and those are being lost as Muslim ally themselves this way.

Masculinity and Islam There is a conversation in my head that revolves a lot on masculinity and Islam. There's a lot of history there and even a big reason on why I left the faith. This video prompted me maybe put some of this to paper.

Why I Left Islam? Textual People often ask me why I left Islam. Was it due to being raised too strict? …