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Black Panther Review

I watched this Black Panter this weekend. Believe it or not, I didn't sleep the night before, so I was really tired. No, not in anticipation of this movie, but just because. The point is, I didn't even dose off during the movie for even a second.

This is simply a great movie. Marvel really does it again and best of all, they are not becoming formulaic. I'll comment on the below. Anyways, on to the sectioned review... and of course... Spoilers ahead.

Plot  I really loved the plot of this movie. Basically a king secession tale upon the death of a king. The basic thrust is the Black kingdom of Wakanda has been isolated for a long time. Keeping its wealth and technology to itself. Not in a bad way, just in an isolationist way. There have been rumblings for them to do more, but the Wakandan way has been to keep its way by keeping a low profile. Anyways, the child of a traitor grows up in a ghetto in America; essentially taking on a kind of black nationalist persona. He has nev…

Liberals Versus Conservative

I've been reading a lot of literature lately and listening to podcasts. There's this idea that I've read in numerous places, that I thought I'd put to the page so to speak. It concerns the mindset differences between a Liberal and a Conservative. I'll do my best to paraphrase the definition and then I'll talk a bit more about it.

Liberal Someone who looks at the world and takes it all as a given. They see new problems they can solve to improve the world
Conservative Someone who looks at the world and appreciates all the accomplishment. They move cautiously with change in fear of destroying what already exists.

Looking at any issue, both ways of thinking are needed. I'll work through a few examples just to give it a bit more of a concrete basis.

Birth Control Liberal A Liberal looks at Birth Control and sees things that can be improved. More sexual freedom for women. Less unwanted pregnancies.

Conservative A conservative looks at Birth Control wonder how it…