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Mythological Truth

Mythological Truth A Myth that if you think it is true, you are likely to have a better life I can't recall exactly where I heard the term Mythological Truth. I'd venture to guess somewhere in my wondering around Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris' world. Yet, it stuck with me. We can lump most religion into the idea of Mythological truth.

One aspect I want to explore is the difference between Mythological Truth and say life guidance. Let's start with a straight forward example.

Suppose you read a self-help book that advised you stay away from alcohol because it has bad health impacts and can impair your judgment leading to bad decisions. This would be life guidance.

Alternatively, you could have a holy book that said that drinking alcohol is a sin and that is a path to eternal hell fire. This would be mythological truth.

It can even be something more obscure. As a child for example, we were taught not to go outside at sunset as that is when the Jhin's (Islamic Spirits…