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They don't like us because we're poor - Excuse

When we immigrated to Canada, we were a working class family. Within our community, we were perhaps on the poorer side. That community being the Indian South African community. It's not a well known community, but perhaps it is comparable to the Hong Kong community in Toronto. Typically viewed as upper middle class and professionals.

I recall growing up my parents always complaining that people don't like us because we are 'poor.' It took me much time growing up, but eventually I realized that blaming it on us being 'poor' was just an excuse in general. Could some people truly be elitist? Most definitely. Yet, I would not categorize that as the majority. I saw other families who were not as wealthy getting along. In my own life as I grew up in Canada, I saw a lot my friends in Brampton growing up with very diverse levels of wealth. Money just wasn't as big a barrier as it was made out to be in my youth.

So it wasn't that the rich South Africans didn…

Rationale of Traditional Customs

As a modern person of Indian origin, I often used to think negatively on many of the 'negative' cultural practices. By negative, I meant things that appeared oppressive when viewed from a Western perspective. These are all the things you'll see Indians even joke or discuss among themselves.

In any case, due to some life choices, I've found myself interacting with a lot of the traditional culture. In many ways, I've come to see much rationale for many of the customs. Overall, I still disagree with most of it as a whole. Yet, if you're in the situation, the rationale fits within the system. I'll work through a view of the cultural issues and then discuss how they make sense within the cultural context.

The 'Evil' Mother-in-law It is such a common theme for Indian brides to worry about their mother-in-law. Heck, it even makes the Western papers.

For those …

Spoiler Review: Justice League and Thor Ragnarok

So I've seen both Justice League and Thor Ragnarok recently and it's strange how these movies stack up.

Acting Both these movies offer pretty good acting for Super Hero action films. There's nothing spectacular, but no big flaws either. This was especially true of Justice League, where I had my doubts due to the number of characters being introduced, but they casted them all well.

Action The action and CGI in both moves is spectacular. I'd actually give the upper hand to Justice League here. The action sequences simply look amazing. Some of the slow motion, flash and superman scenes are particularly well done.

Humor Both movies try to play on some humor and they hit the notes quite well. In going with the more fun theme, I'd say Thor had a few more laughs. Though the humor was well placed in Justice League.

Plot Now the plot is where these movies really diverge. It's a very strange thing as well. DC has tried to play on the more and dark and serious tone. Whic…