Expecting Muslim Holiness

I can't even recall if I've blogged about this before, but this article showed up on my Facebook feed today.

  • Talks about how young British Muslim men square their Muslim identity with drug dealin


 This bothered me as a Muslim and it bothers me now. I don't know where this mystique or special nature people seem to attribute to Islam.Maybe it is some kind of Orientalism. I won't discuss the history too much. I'll leave that to far better minds.

It is rare to see the Western world ponder how criminals who are born Christian square their Christian faith. Yet, somehow the average Muslim criminal must have some mystique to them to square their religion with their behavior.


More important to many people than faith is tribalism. This article does capture it as well; though in a positive light.
"the boys demonstrated many outstanding qualities: not just entrepreneurial skills but intense, if fractious, loyalty, a strong sense of duty to family and a strong, if eclectic, moral code. In many ways the boys are admirable though their good qualities, [which] are rarely visible to themselves and even less often visible to the outside world."

Again, not to say that loyalty is a bad thing. It is again, the manner in which it is talked about. If we're being honest, most of us of 'ethnic' background would be willing to say that the tribal or criminal parts of our culture differ little from the white supremacists, white nationalists.

What exactly is the English Defence League or other far-right groups, but loyalty to the 'British/White/Christian' family and culture? I use that diverse label, because it is no different for these boys. They are loyal to their Pakistani/Brown/Muslim family and culture. It's not just Muslims who don't recognize this, it is in general Western society. If we're going to be against the EDL, then the values, loyalty, and honor to family and culture to the level of the white nationalists needs to be rejected in all group. There is an EDL in Muslim communities, in Sikh communities, in Persian communities...

Yet, generally when the same mindset and behavior of the EDL or white Nationalists exhibits itself in 'ethnic groups;' especially Muslims, somehow it is a positive thing?
If White nationalists try to stop mixed marriages because it dilutes their culture... EVIL, BAD, RACIST.
If Muslim nationalists try to stop mixed marriages because it dilutes their culture, they are good people loyal to their culture.

Religious Pickings

"They drank alcohol, slept around with girls and were involved with the consumption and sale of drugs," says Qasim. "But the boys considered Islamic faith to be imperative. They were selective as to which of Islam's teachings they adhered to and which they did not want to adhere to. It could be argued that faith was a coping strategy in difficult times."
As mentioned above, does anyone really wonder how Christians resolve their faith-deviant/criminal behavior? Heck, even Sikhs are not supposed to drink, but it's not a great mystery that many Punjabi Sikhs do. People just do what they do and are complex.

Part of this I think is religious symbolism that is prevalent in Islam. The various outwardly forms of piousness. Whether it is growing a beard, eating halal meat, wearing the Hijab... these are very visible forms of faith identification, yet they don't mean very much from the outside.

As I like to say, even the prostitutes in Saudi Arabia wear the Niqab... and if you don't think there are any prostitutes... well I'm just going to chalk that up to Western Orientalism. Don't get me wrong, it messes with me as well. But something like the Hijab is as much culture and identity as religion. To someone Muslim women it really is no different than putting on a baseball cap with your favorite team. For others it means much more. But as an outsider, you really can't assume much.

Between this two pictures, which would you assume:
  • Drinks
  • Has a Tinder fuck-buddy on the side
  • ...
If your instinct is to think the Hijabi would not touch these behaviors, so it is obviously the girl in the dress... well you really have to adjust your thinking. It all goes back to Muslim people being normal like every other people.

Probably my weirdest experience with a Hijabi was meeting one who told me, she put on the Hijab because the Hijabi girls were nice to her, so she joined their group. Meanwhile, let's just say she made use of the Tinder-Equivalent at the time. The Hijab was nothing serious to her, just a fashion outfit to belong.

So you just never know.

 Young Men

So the question arises: why are such a large number of young men from religiously and culturally conservative Pakistani communities choosing to earn a crust in the distinctly un-Islamic crack and heroin underworld?

I mean really... do you even have to pose this- question. Young men from all over the world; from every culture and ethnicity engage in risky behavior in search of excitement, power, fame and glory.

Scarface is a classic for a reason. Heck, most likely if Tony Montana was a real character, he would have been Catholic. Heck, so to would Pablo Escobar have been. Yet, we would not expect great debate or pondering on why they would choose a criminal lifestyle.

We simply expect is as they are young men seeking power. The young male identity comes first.

That's simply the case and Muslims are just not any different.
Oh how I wish the West would stop making Islam seem mysterious.



There's a new show that features a Hijabi Lesbian. It is causing all the rage for both pros and cons.
Yet, here's the funny thing, again, Muslim women are just regular women... capable of Lesbianism like anything else. Why is this a big deal?

Funny enough, when I have to attend conservative Muslim events, there apparently is a epidemic of Lesbianism in the Mulsim community.  They actually complain about it. One guy especially; a really nice guy; but every event I have to hear how the women are turning Lesbians in Scarborough.

As if Muslim Lesbians and homosexual never existed.



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