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Expecting Muslim Holiness

I can't even recall if I've blogged about this before, but this article showed up on my Facebook feed today.
Talks about how young British Muslim men square their Muslim identity with drug dealin
NEWS FLASH: MUSLIMS ARE JUST REGULAR PEOPLE  This bothered me as a Muslim and it bothers me now. I don't know where this mystique or special nature people seem to attribute to Islam.Maybe it is some kind of Orientalism. I won't discuss the history too much. I'll leave that to far better minds.

It is rare to see the Western world ponder how criminals who are born Christian square their Christian faith. Yet, somehow the average Muslim criminal must have some mystique to them to square their religion with their behavior.

Tribalism More important to many people than faith is tribalism. This article does capture it as well; though in a positive light.
"the boys demonstrated m…

Racism and Preference

The origin of the post is kind of interesting. As many of my childhood friends have grown up, it has been interesting to see everyone growing up, getting job, moving into new homes. It's an interesting time to reflect.I was a BBQ with a friend and he commented
I would never raise my kids in Brampton. It's too wild and Desi now. Brampton
Brampton is I spent my high school years. It's a place that went through a large transformation. When we (of South Asian descent) moved in, it was largely a white suburb. As more people of South Asian descent moved it, various areas became dominated by South Asians. There was a perception that white people were leaving as South Asians moved in. There's actually be an article written about it.  I found an interesting article from Macleans that talks about London from a similar perspective.…