Carl Jung - Modern Man In Search Of a Soul

This truly is such an amazing book. I'll limit my commentary on it as I just came to write about a small paragraph. But really this book is a must read. It really does take you on a journey through man. I wish I had read it sooner.

In any case, the little paragraph that got me thinking about writing this is as follows:
We have come to a serious pass. The exodus from the German Protestant Church is only one of many symptoms which should make it plain to the clergy that merely admonitions to believe, or to perform acts of charity, do not give modern man what he is looking for

It really resonated with me as that is how I sadly viewed my religion. Now of course that has to be viewed within the cultural and religious confines of Indian Sunni Islam. I just didn't see anything in it. The culture, the people... all seemed empty for lack of a better word. All they could do was try and show how much charity they could give and out religious each other on pointless things.

For all the talk of meaning and spirituality that people often associate with religion, I just didn't see it in those who advocated it. What I saw was as Jung observed... an empty call to admonitions and charity. I think I captured some of the feeling in some earlier posts:
Yet, as always, the great writers of our time simply capture it better. Even more interesting to see it coming from a Germany Protestant perspective and resonating with my own religious upbringing.

There are times I do wonder what Jung would have religions provide though. We all simply live in the times we live in. Perhaps religion has never provided the meaning and spirituality it claims. I do not know.

Perhaps this is more of a problem for modern man as he is given choice as to life. This removes the religion from being a life guide and purpose. So it is reduced to admonitions and charity? I do not know.


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