Getting Rid of Plastic

I've always been a little bit of an environmentalist, but I don't think I've done as much as I have now that I own my own home. The sheer amount of plastic we put out in the recycling and garbage is staggering. Now I'm not on a campaign to get rid of all plastic. But my focus is really on areas where I really question what benefit we get out of it.

It's actually expanded my effort not just in terms of plastic, but in a real look at the benefits of the products I use.


My first effort went into soap and shampoo. I had gotten used to the bottles of body washes. I asked myself what benefit I was getting out of these? I had used bar soap as a kid. I couldn't think of any. So I tried going back to bar soap. It's even become a bit of a hobby for me trying out different kinds of bar soap with all natural ingredients.

This is my current system
  • Simple Tupperware container to hold the soap
  • Grilled soap holder. I buy mine at No Frills which is a white mesh. But this looks it serves a similar purpose 
  • Natural bar soap. My favorite company right now is I find these a few places with a bar going for about a dollar or two. Best of all they don't come in any packaging.
  • For shampoo, I use a shampoo bar. It is a bit more pricey, and I'm still shopping around for the best ones. I just haven't run out of the original ones I purchased. 


 This one involves going back to the traditional shaving system with a hair brush and a shaving bar. Again, it works just as well, so why waste it on bottles of shaving gel or foam?

I bought a set , but I am still experimenting as well.

Bottle Water

I kid. I don't use bottle water. Yet, I throw it up here because it a popular item. I just bought a lot of regular water bottles and keep them all around the house, so it is easy to fill with water. Tap water has always been good to me in Canada.

Grocery Plastic (Spinach containers)

One of my biggest annoyances is plastic for fresh product from the grocery store. It's really annoying because it is really just holding the food for a few days. I haven't found a good solution here. The wife and I find the prepped spinach quite helpful, so it has value.

I wish it came in compost friendly packaging.


I'll come back to this as I add more stuff. At times I wish more stores had refillable options for things like cleaning products, where you could bring your own jar and refill it from a vat of some kind. Some bulk places do, but they're not exactly close.


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