What Happened to my Attention Span

I was very excited this past year for the release of Civilization VI. It really is a great game, but I found myself just unable to finish the game. I just couldn't focus as well. I'm finding this a lot as I get a little older. Or perhaps it is the new social media age smartphone age we live in? I don't know.

I look back at some of the games I loved in the past. I loved the Baldur's Gate RPG series. I can't even begin to count the number of hours I spend on Baldur's Gate 2 in University. I'm pretty sure I crawled through every nook and cranny and literally hours and hours on some battles. I tried to play it recently, I could barely pass the first few areas. Just knowing the vast tedium that lay ahead of me killed my anticipation in the game.

Let's not even get into reading. I used to read a lot. Everything from non-fiction to science fiction. I read everything. I can't see myself reading a whole novel start to finish these days. I used to be able to lie down and read for hours on end. Could I do it today? I don't have it anymore.

Meh, just a random thought. I'm not sure if I'm just growing older or perhaps it is the modern technological world. I kind of miss the focus I used to have though.


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