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Indentity and Whiteness

I think this scene from the classic 90's show Fresh Prince exemplifies this topic well.

Basically in this scene, Carlton is trying to get into a 'black' fraternity and is rejected because he is too preppy. He is not 'Black' enough.

Sadly, this continues to this day with huge portions of people's identity being wrapped in being 'Not White.' Which of course begs the question... what does it mean to be white?

In the case of Carlton, being white means
being richdressing preppybeing educated and refinedbeing successful ... What is means then as that as soon as a black person starts attaining those things, they begin to be tagged as a sell-out or less black than someone else.

Which of course begs that question, what does it means to be black? In the case of this fraternity and in many parts of life, being black thus means
not being educatednot being refinednot being successful... I've ran into this myself. I once critiqued a black friend of mine having som…

Why Trump?

Well Trump has been elected President of the United States. I was marginally surprised, but not flabbergasted. I always felt this election was about an outsider and when Bernie Sanders was relegated by the Democrats, that really took their steam away. What I'm really surprised at is the reaction of the media. There's stories in schools about how to explain to kids that Trump got elected. Apparently he comes across as a bully and uses bad language and acts crudely towards women.

Yes folks, this is what is terrible to explain to kids. Not American presidents torturing, going to war, lying, bailing out banks, corruption. Apparently all that is run of the mill in politics and children should be fine with accepting that (sarcasm).

I'll just go through the points of why I think Trump got elected.

Jobs/Trade  I don't think there's much to add here. America and the West has seen their working class lose jobs and their standard of living. Part of this is due to free trade.…

Malcolm X versus Martin Luther King

Having grown up in South Africa, I'm no stranger to racial issues. We lived under apartheid and even as Indians, it was a struggle. However, moving to Canada and seeing race relations from a modern Western perspective is interesting. I think the core ways of gaining one's freedom are exemplified by two great leaders of the American civil rights movement.
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. In the modern day, I often get the feeling that MLK is celebrated more. He was the path of peace. The path of political change. Malcolm X branded with the path of violence and then eventual peace. I think history has given MLK the credit he is due on the political front. His ideology has become dominant in the various equality struggles in life.

I'd like to just touch on a key ideological differences that Malcolm X had and why I think it is sad history and our political psyche has abandoned it.

To keep it simple, MLK …