Religions People and Molestation

 I read this article about one of Iran's top Koran reciters to face court over child rapes.No doubt the first thing that comes to many people's mind is the similar Catholic church child rape scandals.

I at times wonder what it is with all these religious people and weird sexual crimes and issues. Heck even Gandhi was known to be have weird sexual fetishes with young girls, like sleeping naked with his grand niece. Oh sure, they say it was something he did to 'test' himself, but who knows what went on behind closed door.

There's no doubt sexual deviancy occurs among all people, but why are such religious leaders so prone to be doing it? It would be like if the top doctor, sworn to heal the sick, was found to actually be murdering people in secret. This is simply not a new thing, nor tied to any religion. Heck even Tibetan Buddhists are stained with the sexual abuse of children.

Possible Sources

I'd put my finger on a couple of sources. I think the first one is that religious institutions tend to be more traditional. The sad reality of history is that sexual acts with children was just not viewed as seriously a problem as it is in the modern day. Even in conservative Afghanistan, they have a long traditional of male child abuse called bachabaze . So you could see how such practices could remain shrouded in the secrecy and trust in religious institutions.

The second aspect is the nature of religious sexual oppression. Most religious attempt in some way to restrict sexuality in some way. Some like the Catholic Church go so far as to advocate celibacy. Other are simply restrictive when it comes to sex. This could leave one with a very distorted view of sexuality. Sex with a young boy might not really be like sex with a woman; as in marriage and thus in their head, they are not really breaking a big religious obligation.

The last one is simply one of power. Religious people in traditional societies tend to have a lot of power and as we know, power is easily abused. If you the power to molest a young child and have a culture of secrecy built up where it will covered up, a number of people will take advantage of it. 

It's just weird really. In many ways it is expected, but as usual the irony of life continues. I tend to have a distrust of religious people/institutions as is and things like this just emphasize it for me.


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