New Car Versus Uber/Taxi

So I went car shopping today to replace my Hyundai Elantra GT. I don't really have a need to replace it, but I figured it is worth a look. Mainly I was looking at a Subaru and did test drive the WRX; my fun little car. Oh it was definitely fun to drive. Yet, being a family man, I also looked at the Forrester and the Outback. For comparison's sake, I took a stroll through the Acura RDX.

All the cars were extremely nice. My surprise was the Outback, which appears really big but drives amazingly well and has great rear visibility. The WRX was well... the WRX. Just a fun ride. The RDX was a solid ride, but what most impressed me was the technology. Land departure warnings and blind spot indicators. I couldn't get myself to properly let go of the wheel to let it drive in the lane on its own.But it supposedly has that feature :) The Subaru has a lot of these features with their EyeSight technology, but I couldn't get them to trigger. I tried approaching objects slowly, but it wouldn't trigger. The salesman said I'd have to be going much quicker to trigger it. Yeah, I'm not risking that.

I Barely Drive - GO Transit

In any case, this is not really the point of the post. It was all very fun test driving the cars. The price was in line with my expectations. Anywhere from 35-45k.When looking through the options, I'd be paying roughly $550-$700 per month; often for just a lease. What got to me was that I barely drive. I mainly take the GO Train to work; so my commute is taken care of. Mainly it's weekend errands/going out.

A thought came to me, that I could literally take Uber/Taxi on weekends and it would end up being cheaper. Small trip to the grocery store would be max $20. Maybe $100 a trip for a longer trip. I could do one every weekend and still end up ahead. Heck, if I was really committed, I could get rid of my car insurance and throw that towards Uber/Taxi. All that for a stress free drive without any worries about tickets or parking.

It was just a strange thought that quickly put a damper on my fun car driving experience. I wonder how many other people fall into this pattern. Obviously the economics of using Uber/Taxi fall apart if you drive daily on your commute or drive a lot more.

I Still Plan To Drive

I won't be giving up my car just yet. My Elantra still works just fine and while I have it, I might as well use it for the convenience. But assuming my commute doesn't change, I don't know if I'll focus on a car again; well at least until the home is paid off and I have money to burn. I guess what I'll take from it is a change is my own mentality. I won't think twice about the occassional Uber/Taxi use on a night out even if it is $100; or even renting a car if I need it for a nice event. I'm still way ahead than if I had gotten a new car.

We still have the family car, so that will probably remain the focus.


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