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Religions People and Molestation


 I read this article about one of Iran's top Koran reciters to face court over child rapes.No doubt the first thing that comes to many people's mind is the similar Catholic church child rape scandals.

I at times wonder what it is with all these religious people and weird sexual crimes and issues. Heck even Gandhi was known to be have weird sexual fetishes with young girls, like sleeping naked with his grand niece. Oh sure, they say it was something he did to 'test' himself, but who knows what went on behind closed door.

There's no doubt sexual deviancy occurs among all people, but why are such religious leaders so prone to be doing it? It would be like if the top doctor, sworn to heal the sick, was found to actually be murdering people in sec…

New Car Versus Uber/Taxi

So I went car shopping today to replace my Hyundai Elantra GT. I don't really have a need to replace it, but I figured it is worth a look. Mainly I was looking at a Subaru and did test drive the WRX; my fun little car. Oh it was definitely fun to drive. Yet, being a family man, I also looked at the Forrester and the Outback. For comparison's sake, I took a stroll through the Acura RDX.

All the cars were extremely nice. My surprise was the Outback, which appears really big but drives amazingly well and has great rear visibility. The WRX was well... the WRX. Just a fun ride. The RDX was a solid ride, but what most impressed me was the technology. Land departure warnings and blind spot indicators. I couldn't get myself to properly let go of the wheel to let it drive in the lane on its own.But it supposedly has that feature :) The Subaru has a lot of these features with their EyeSight technology, but I couldn't get them to trigger. I tried approaching objects slowly, but …