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Ego and Feelings

The topic of the Ego is a complex one. It is common these days to talk of letting go of your ego. As if ego is a bad thing.

I think Ego is more just how we view ourselves.

Too much Ego Too much ego and we distort reality and see ourselves as better than others; especially when we really don't have much to show for it. This is what most people think of when they see ego. As in the picture, the house cat who think he's a lion. That self-image will quickly come to correction if he actually meets a real lion.

Too Little Ego Too little ego and you undervalue yourself. Imagine a lion who grew up timid and looks in the mirror and sees a housecat. While he may not be the toughest lion in the jungle, the reality is that he is still one of the most powerful creatures out there. He is certainly not a house cat.
Right Ego The right ego is naturally looking into the mirror and seeing you for what you are. All your positives and negatives.

Ego is another language of Feelings I read this ar…