Ridiculous People or Ridiculous Religion

I really loved this video on Youtube that talks about South Park's view on religion. South Park is a great show that parodies anything and everything.

It sums some of my views on people and religion. I've commented on them in a variety of places, but these posts stands out for me.


Being Human Is Ridiculous

At the end of the video it gets to the core. That is to say that being human is ridiculous.
Humans can be ridiculous in any realm from religion to politics to family to sports.

It is not religion that makes people ridiculous.
It is that people are ridiculous and religion is but one avenue where that is expressed.

We will always look silly if we take ourselves too seriously.
I love this quote.

The question in other words, isn't if our belief system is a joke, it's whether or not we know it.

As someone who has dabbled in so many belief systems. I explored socialism, libertarianism, religion, progressivism... and at the end, I came to the place of South Park... they're all interesting, but you're going to be ridiculous if you take any of them too seriously.


A quality video on PC and Neoliberalism


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