Product Review: Nest Thermostat

I recently installed the Nest Thermostat in my home.

I've heard about the Nest and had thought about buying it. It is advertised as being able to detect when you are home and adjust your heating/cooling accordingly. So, when I got frustrated with trying to create a schedule for my home's old Honeywell thermostat, I decided to try out the Nest. I really wasn't looking for any amazing features. Just an easy way to set a schedule.


I had never installed a thermostat before, but from what I had read it should be doable, so I dove in and decided to do it myself. I simply have to say kudos to the Nest installation guide. I love well written technical help as much as anyone and they do an amazing job of taking you step by step.

The most impressive thing for me is they include little stickers that allow you to label the thermostat wires. This makes transitioning from the old thermostat to the new one a breeze. I had to google a few things as one of my existing wires did not match the Nest's labelling scheme, but the answer was to find and everything works. To confirm the wires are connected correctly, it even has a screen which shows which wires are connected.

The rest of the install was pretty straight foward.

Managing the Schedule

Well for the most part we are trusting the Nest to 'auto-detect' when we are home. It uses our smartphones to know if we are home as well as activity detectors on the Nest itself. So far so good. The first few days, I was manually switching it from my smartphone to home/away. It seems to work well enough, though I wish there was more feedback here; letting you know when it detects you away from home.

Manual Schedule

It does have the ability to set a manual schedule. I gave it the old 5 minute try and well... I think in this area the Nest sucks just as much as my old Honeywell. I'm sure I could figure it out in a few minutes, but I didn't bother. The easy case should be easy and and intuitive. Weekday work schedule is the common easy case. All I can say is it wasn't up to the rest of the Nest experience.

Rebate and Energy Program

 Another impressive thing I found out post purchase was that Nest partners with energy companies. You get a rebate and I think it gives the energy company the ability to manage your nest to control their load. I'm not 100% sure if that's the case, but I signed up. The best part was just how it easy it was to sign up and connect my Nest to the the energy company. It was all done online and seemed automated.


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