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Assisted Suicide

There's been a lot talk about assisted suicide lately. Canada has even introduced some legislation on it. There's a lot of possible positions and items to be concerned about. However, one area really puzzles me. It is that position advocated by certain doctors and health professionals. It really does confuse me.

Starve Them To Death? story.html

Heck, there was even the infamous

This is a common line of talk, I've heard from many doctors and hospice workers. It really does blow my mind. In a sense, their argument goes like this:
The Hippocratic oath tells them to do no-harmThere is no need to 'kill them'If you just deprive them of food and water, they will die naturally Pardon me as this truly boggles my mind. I understand the actively doing something to kill someone may seem less immoral than killing them, but  upon any amount of…

Product Review: Nest Thermostat

I recently installed the Nest Thermostat in my home.

I've heard about the Nest and had thought about buying it. It is advertised as being able to detect when you are home and adjust your heating/cooling accordingly. So, when I got frustrated with trying to create a schedule for my home's old Honeywell thermostat, I decided to try out the Nest. I really wasn't looking for any amazing features. Just an easy way to set a schedule.

Installation I had never installed a thermostat before, but from what I had read it should be doable, so I dove in and decided to do it myself. I simply have to say kudos to the Nest installation guide. I love well written technical help as much as anyone and they do an amazing job of taking you step by step.

The most impressive thing for me is they include little stickers that allow you to label the thermostat wires. This makes transitioning from the old thermostat to the new one a breeze. I had …