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X-Men Apocalypse Review (Spoilers)


I went into this movie was some laxed expectations; prepared for disappointment. The Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews pegged this movie at 47%. Here we go again; another key villain ruined. Spider man's Venom got the horrible treatment in Spiderman's 3rd installment. Could they do the same here with Apocalypse? Perhaps a bit biased, he was my favorite villain in the 90s X-men cartoon.

Overall Overall, this was a good solid movie. How the critics are pegging it at 47% is a mystery to me. The audience score of 74% seems pretty accurate to me. This is a movie that has a little bit of everything there, but simply misses on depth. Yes, this is an action movie, but it even misses on action depth. I'll break it down below.

Apocalypse To my surprise, they do a pretty good job in his looks. Now that is just opinion of course. Some people may not like it. They even introduce his motivations; in that he thinks the strong should rule, and the world is not now ruled b…