Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Review

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Review

With Spoilers

I watched this movie this past weekend and I can give an overall decent movie. It's just not a great movie. It is a beautiful movie and the action scenes are great. The is even some great dialogue and themes to be explored.What's sad is the lack of thought that just went into this movie. I'm willing to forgive a lot of smaller things in this movie, but the few big problems just stand out and make you just ask why. Does no one read these scripts? I'll just write on the topics at hand.


I tried to avoid reading anything about the movie before hand so as to not taint it. Yet, going into this movie, I saw some memes about Sad-Fleck putting the thought it my head that Ben Affleck did a poor job as Batman. On the contrary I say, he was one of the best parts of this film. Granted the Batman character is darker and seems to kill if he needs to. This a huge depart from the batman who wouldn't use guns. This Batman appears to think nothing of shooting bad guys that stand in his way.

They chose a different direction for Batman and ran with it and it worked out for the best I think. It's not too far a character stretch to see Batman go down that path. The quick image of the Joker Bat Uniform might have something to do with it. Irrespective, it works.

Where they failed the Batman character is in really capturing why he wants to stop Superman. Yes, we get it. Superman's fight in Man of Steel caused a lot of destruction and Batman sees it on ground level. Yet, this angle is so undeveloped in the movie, it is somewhat sad. They could have panned over shots of mangled bodies if they wanted to truly show the horrors of war in all its complexity. Anyways, more on this later as it is beyond Batman.


Superman is a hard character to do well in my view. Yet, this movie does show the complexity to his character. He loses his cool at times. He appears arrogant at times. When he first confronts Batman, he basically tosses his aside like an insect and arrogantly let's him live with the words 'consider this mercy.' His love for Lois and his mother toys with his emotions. There's some really good scenes with his mother and father as guidance, but just seem so quick.

Lex Luthor

Lex is a bit of a crazed mad scientist in this movie. This is as opposed to the cool power hungry businessman in other movies. A bit of creative license like Batman has been taken here. I don't mind it, except he is a character that completely lacks motivation. I don't get why he hates Superman so much. What's weird here is there's some great lines that he delivers that could really cause one to think about issues. But they're left as one liners. Which is just absolutely weird. Gems like this left without any context or development.
God is tribal, God takes sides! If God is all-powerful He can not be good, if God is good He can not be all-powerful!

The Plot

The story is decent, but is full of strange holes that don't really make sense. For example, why do people think Superman is responsible for all the deaths in the desert? It would just be so easy to craft a relatively easy case where Superman's power does cause a lot of destruction. Like his battle in Man of Steel is there and is easy to understand. They could hate his alien origins. Maybe he interferes in global politics without concern; for example if he saves Lois from the terrorists, but they causes the 
 terrorists to think Superman is with America and they attack America. Look, I can think of these on the spot. They just don't explore this ideas and the giant plot holes just don't make sense.

All that aside, the basic story arc works well enough. However the ending storyline just blows my mind. It throws in Doomsday and the death of superman as an after thought. Possibly to setup Justice League or something like that. That should be a movie on its own. Possibly the biggest story for Superman reduced to an after thought. What was DC thinking.


Doomsday was crafted well enough, but they did something I absolutely hate. I especially hate it in this movie because all the other CGI is very well done. They went with Doomsday having random energy waves. This is just a personal gripe, but random energy waves just ruin movie scenes for me.

Yes, there is a Doomsday in there. Which is tragic, because he looks really good when those silly random energy waves are not there.

Wonder Women

She's in the movie for what seems no reason. She's basically there to get at Justice League.
Nonetheless, no complaints about her. She appears to be a solid pick.


Overall, it is a good movie. It just doesn't live up to the hype and that it is used more as a plot device to start the DC Justice League just hurts the movie.


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