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Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Honestly didn't always seem complex to me. As a child I had pretty straight forward view of honest. Just be honest. This is of course tempered by avoiding punishments. So I'm pretty sure I've lied in my life about where I'm going after school or other such lies. As I've grown up, the need to lie has been less and less. You outgrow the authority of your parents punishments. There's some authority from your boss at work, the police or other powerful groups who I hope to never cross anyways.

But I never really grasped the idea of lying to people you're supposed to be cooperating with. Your friends, significant other, family, coworkers... These are supposed to be relationships where everyone wants good things for the other. These relationships only succeed if they are win-win I always thought. If they're not win-win, they're just not worth having as that would be an exploitative win-lose relationship.

There are so many puzzling events in life. The one …

Religious Repulsion

Being non-religious, a friend of mine asked why I have such different approaches to religious people. Some I seem fine with. Others repel me. I guess most of this is in the Islamic context. So I'm putting some thought into.

I should start and emphasize by saying religion is not the 'cause' of these personalities, but religion is a big hammer by which these personality traits really manifest themselves and find a home. This is about why I find some religious people repel me, while others don't.

Entitlement This first part is a huge turn off. A lot of religious people are very entitled. It's weird as you might think they should be humble or giving or pious, but this is just not the case. More often than not, they use their religion not to find duties for themselves, but to find duties other owe them religiously. The husband who thinks he is entitled to a virgin wife who cooks and clean and obeys him. The wife who think she is entitled to be supported and driven arou…