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Stop The Texts

It clings to me like a faded memory. A time before the internet and easy research. A time before ISIS and 911. I was a young boy; albeit a studious little one. I brought my koran to my mother and asked her why is the Koran saying it is okay to have slaves. My mind was panicked and confused. My mother responded by calling a scholar. I asked him on the phone, and he explained to me.

    It is not slavery as you think of it. What do we do with prisoners of war? We have to put them in Jail. Back in the Prophet’s time, they were actually kinder. They gave them to people to be as servants. It is better than jail.
It seemed to be a good explanation, and I handed the phone back to my mother. I won’t fill this post with quotes from the Koran or the Hadith. We are fortunate today to have the Internet and anyone seeking can read the actual sources and the multitude of opinions and interpretations. Everything ranging from legitimizing ISIS style slavery and concubines to Irshad Manji style Lesbia…

Where Do You Get Your Values?

So where do you get your values from now? A muslim once quipped to me after I told them I had left my religion. It’s an interesting question, and we’ll get to that answer soon enough. What’s even more interesting is to ask the Muslim where they get their values from.
They might say from Islam. Or perhaps from the Koran. Or perhaps from God. Yet, if you dig a little deeper, that is not where they get their values. If that is where Muslims got their values, there would not be so many different interpretations of Islam. Give a recipe to someone, and they’re going to basically make the same meal. Instead, every Muslim I’ve met, especially those in the West, has their own interpretation of Islam. Ask your average Muslim about music, prayer, inheritance, war, violence, gender relations… and you will get a million different answers. It gets even funnier if you ask many Western Muslim woman about Islamic values, and somehow it won’t include a man’s right to concubines, or her duty to obey her…

2015 Canadian Federal Election - Fall of the Conservatives

Trudeau won the 2015 federal election. It came as a surprise to some. For some reference though, I'll link to a blog on the previous election.

The election was interesting because it went through phases. At the start, even the NDP was considered a prime contender, but they were destroyed, and I don't think it was just 'strategic voting'. In my view, Trudeau ran a solid campaign. The Conservatives and the NDP simply lost it for themselves.

NDP Why did the NDP fail? They moved too far to the 'center', even beyond the Liberals in so far as their proposed policies and how they approached the public. The NDP was talking balanced budgets in a time of economic uncertainty. While the Liberals were talking deficit spending. Just let that sink it. The NDP wanted to spend less money than the Liberals.

If you're a Canadian concerned with social policy and making sure people are t…