Racism Sexism Every Ism is a Schism

Pardon the title. It's just a line from the new Ras Kass track "How to Kill God" http://genius.com/4630513

 One of the interesting things I've noticed about life is that words used to brand people as intolerant/racist/sexist... are often just as improper and hurtful as the ones used by real actual bigots.

Here's a popular example in the media when a Liberal Candiate had her twitter feed exposed.

Let's walk through a few examples with pictures of what the word brings to mind.

The N Word


Now think about anytime people launch the word racist at someone. Do you really want to compare them to a slave master or the KKK or Hitler? By calling someone a racist, that is what you are bringing to mind even if you don't mean it as such. In the same way as someone using the N word might not mean it with the hate that it carries.

I think it would be wise for all of us to be more careful when launching the word racist at someone or some group.




Think about anytime someone launches the word rape or rapist. Do you really want to compare what they're doing to the above? Rape is a brutal, violent, despicable act.

It is hateful to launch such a word against people who make poorly chosen remarks, have drunken sex, do not sex full positive consent..

I think it would be wise for all of us to be more careful when launching the word rape/rapist at someone or some group.

Yes, there are always cases where the use of the word Racist or Rape is accurate.
Yet, the degree to which these words are thrown around with such hatred toward people is rather telling. It really should be classified as hate speech if thrown around casually as many social justice warriors do.

And yes, all words exist on a spectrum. I guess we should all just try and use a more appropriate word when talking to people. To err on the side of being less hateful.

Example of Erring on Less Hate

Try to be as specific as possible when generalizing. For example, people often refer to black culture referencing this.

when they are actually referencing perhaps ghetto hip hop culture or something along those lines. Let's remember that the following people are black.

The same applies to any large group. Always look to see if there is a narrow group that better defines what you are trying to say.

Instead of talking about Muslims in general, refer to orthodox Sunni or Salafi or a particular ethnic group... It might still not be a perfect description, but it tries to be more specific.

Using black people or white people or Indian people... refers to far too large a group generally to be useful. Now I mean we all do it to some extent, but I think we should all be more aware  We should be aware when saying these things and also when hearing them. Is the person really hating on brown, black, Indian... people or are they referencing a particular aspect of the culture that they don't like?

Instead of jumping to the word racist, maybe you reach for the word insensitive
Instead of jumping to the word rape, maybe you reach for the word non-consent.
Both sides need to work on it.


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