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Racism Sexism Every Ism is a Schism

Pardon the title. It's just a line from the new Ras Kass track "How to Kill God"

 One of the interesting things I've noticed about life is that words used to brand people as intolerant/racist/sexist... are often just as improper and hurtful as the ones used by real actual bigots.

Here's a popular example in the media when a Liberal Candiate had her twitter feed exposed.

Let's walk through a few examples with pictures of what the word brings to mind.

The N Word


Now think about anytime people launch the word racist at someone. Do you really want to compare them to a slave master or the KKK or Hitler? By calling someone a racist, that is what you are bringing to mind even if you don't mean it as such. In the same way as someone using the N word might not mean it with the hate that it carries.

I think it …