A History of Men

Part 1


Part 2

This is a really good two part video on TVO about the idea of male identity.
What's even more interesting is in part 2 around 19:45, where the guest starts talking about some of the inequalities faced by men, you can see the host grind her anger and is unable to accept that men might have issues.

She immediately gets her back up and starts talking about the top men. I've ran into this countless times in my life. People just don't see the regular man. They only see the powerful men. The CEOs, business leaders... They simply don't see the average man toiling away his days working or trying to make a living. They don't see the janitors, factory workers, engineers, IT workers, unemployed, homeless men, miners, farm workers... They simply do not exist to the mind of the feminist who only sees the top men and those positions they want.

What's amazing is to see a calm female university professor just making some very good arguments on egalitarianism and you see the host get defensive. It's pretty insane, but we've all seen it in our lives. Just ponder it. This is a female university professor just trying to say that men might have some issues in a very clam manner and the host can barely contain her anger. Imagine being a guy and trying to actually point out your issues.

It is sad, but just as women's rights could not be won without some men being at the vanguard, I think the various issues oppressing men can only be taken up by women like this.

Without her, the discussion degrades as genders take up their respective arms as feminists and misogynists.

Reproductive Rights

In any case, one area that I really took an interest in is that idea of reproductive rights. Basically, men have been removed as a dependency for child rearing and as a result have lost their role as father.

Women can go to sperm banks, be single mothers, generally have custody, can determine if they want to keep or abort a baby. They have full reproductive rights.

Yet, how about the man's reproductive rights?

Can I, as a single man, get funding for a surrogate mother? Is the process even clear and easy for me? It is not.

Interestingly, in Quebec, a gay couple fought to have funding for their surrogacy under the banner of discrimination. Yet, no one thought that the law is discriminatory against single men.


Until now, RAMQ has only covered the in vitro fertilization procedure for infertile couples, single women and female couples.
"It was discriminatory," said Joël Legendre

As I said, what is strange here, is that in article there is not even a mention of single men.

I think that long term, this can go one of two ways. It will be interesting to see.

Bring Reproductive Rights To Men

Bring a societal focus to bring reproductive rights to men.
Have an artificial womb or surrogacy programs, so men can have children.
Have a male birth control pill so men can control when they wish to have kids.
In this way, both men and women can independently have control of their reproductive rights.

I'd consider this the more likely outcome.
Just as men are no longer 'special' by being the primary bread winners, no longer are women special for being able to give birth. Both sexes lose their traditional identities.

It is already happening like here:

Attempt to Join Men and Women In Reproduction

This one I consider less likely as it means more confrontation between men and women and probably taking away some rights from women. But I'll throw it out there as a possibility.

It means bringing men back into the reproductive process of women. The sperm becomes just as important as the egg.

The father has equal say in the birth of a child or whether or not an abortion is done.
The father gets equal custody of the child.


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