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A History of Men

Part 1

Part 2

This is a really good two part video on TVO about the idea of male identity.
What's even more interesting is in part 2 around 19:45, where the guest starts talking about some of the inequalities faced by men, you can see the host grind her anger and is unable to accept that men might have issues.

She immediately gets her back up and starts talking about the top men. I've ran into this countless times in my life. People just don't see the regular man. They only see the powerful men. The CEOs, business leaders... They simply don't see the average man toiling away his days working or trying to make a living. They don't see the janitors, factory workers, engineers, IT workers, unemployed, homeless men, miners, farm workers... They simply do not exist to the mind of the feminist who only sees the top men and those positions they want.

What's amazing is to se…


A bit of funny post today.

Dominos Inflation Index I picked up my weekly Dominos flyer from my mail box today and threw it on the table. Knowing my lazy self, last week's flyer was there as well. So I had a look and saw their prices had increased.
It was a nice accidental comparison

We always hear that inflation is low.
But anyone who lives in Canada knows that the prices of things you need keep going up.
Everything from housing to groceries has gone up.
Just look at the price of housing going up and that is shelter, our most basic need.
Yet, the Bank of Canada, like other central banks, plays with the basket of goods it measures to make inflation appear low.