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Why Humans Rule - Our imagination

Why Humans Run the World

I stumbled across this video last night and I found it pretty interesting.
If I were to summarize it.

Because Humans have imaginationThey can cooperate FLEXIBLY in large groups by telling and believing great stories.This is in addition to small group cooperation where you know the people you are dealing with (family, small company...) I wrote about the possible benefits of cognitive dissonance the other day, so this naturally flows with that idea of our ability to tell our selves and other stories for social cooperation and belonging.


This kind of story is easy to tell with respect to a leader wanting common values for his people, so he tells a story of a God who has laid out all these rules. But the video rightly goes into all the other stories we tell ourselves. From belonging to a country, to a political movement, to money, to human rights... These are all stories and ideas used for large scale cooperation. Sometimes for ill and …

What is rational?

It is generally difficult to imagine what life was like in any other age. Sometimes we think things have changed so much. Other times we think maybe not much has changed. Yet, I figured I might as well just run with this thought and see where it goes. I think we live in a very interesting time when the average person is educated enough to view life in a rational manner. We have all the tools to do it.  Be it literacy, general math and science, general logic, a scientific culture which has delivered results...

Yet, even today, even among the most intelligent people, we still see such irrationality. So, we must ask ourselves why?

Cognitive Dissonance Is a Feature

Let's start by considering people who don't have overt evil intentions. That is to say your average person just living their life. Why would they hold irrational views?

Perhaps being a Lesbian Muslim, like this:

I think the encompassing answer here is tha…