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The Art of GIving

I read an interesting article today:

I think there is definitely something good about giving. We've all felt good about giving. Countless essays could be written about whether it is a selfless act or what actually makes one feel good or not. I've felt good giving to a few charities. I've felt good taking a friend out and helping him out for a meal. I've felt good about helping someone out of a jam.

On the other hand, I've also felt bad about being expected to help someone who was irresponsible or someone who was not as giving.

I definitely think empathy is some thing built into us. I recall watching a documentary a while ago where it showed that a mouse seeing another mouse trapped as well as some food. It would actually free the other mouse instead of eating the food immediately. The mouse would then share the food with the other mouse,…

Building for a city that doesn't exit

I'm pretty lucky these days. I take the subway to and from work and don't have to deal with any traffic. Yet part of my journey takes me on the subway over the 401. The dreaded congested highway. All these people stuck in traffic for hours. It's especially brutal if there is an accident or bad weather.

Yet, I know people who travel it every day. One of my friends takes the 401 all the way from Brampton to 401/Leslie for work. He leaves at 6 AM to get there in reasonable time. So I wonder why there isn't any rapid transit for the Northern GTA. There is along LakeShore, but nothing that parallels this massive highway.

I Google a bit and I find out that it has been proposed.

This proposal involves removing lanes on the 401, but others could equally be elevated rail or any other such measures. It's an interest proposal. Yet, read the arti…