The Ironies of Moderate Muslims - Shabir Ally

Shabir Ally is among the model moderate Muslims in the West. He denounces violence and works to ensure moderate interpretations. I happened to watch him on TVO and a few interesting points stood out.

What About the Hadith?

Like many moderate Muslims, they tend to play down the Hadith.  At around 36:10, he speaks poorly of the Sunnah and emphasizes mainly adhering to the Koran. Does this make him a Quranist Muslim? But of course the irony is that most practices that would constitute being Muslim from beard, to the 5 pillars are from the Hadith.

It is the ultimate paradox for Moderate Muslims. They dismiss most of the Hadith that shows things that don't want to do. Then they embrace the rest of the Hadith they want with staunch religious fervor.

Sharia Law/Islamic State?

A really interesting discussion takes place near the end around 50:00. Here he discusses how the youth in Muslim communities tend to see the older generation as complacent. They are Muslim and pray, but otherwise enjoy living in the comforts and under rule of the West. Now this is where it gets really interesting.

There are many studies and polls that tend to show Muslim support for Islamic State / Sharia Law.

It is at times interesting to see this even happens in the West.
In the UK, it is around 40%.

Are these alarmist? I don't think so. I have a lot of family in the UK and they do tend to want Islamic law, so the polls seem to match my personal experience.

Now, the percentage in the UK who would want the Taliban to rule over them with Sharia Law chopping off hands and stoning women would probably be quite small.  However, there is a deep desire to live under Islamic Law. Shabir Ally also states his support for it. Although, instead of some radical ISIS like takeover, he sees it coming about peacefully via the democracy. Muslims will participate in the modern process crafting Islamic law.

How that this does not get challenged on TVO is rather ridiculous in my view. Democracy or majority or not, the idea of living under religious law is contrary to secular values and the freedom of those who are not Muslim. Let's remember, this is Canada where voluntary theist.Christian prayer was just banned by the court in city councils (, and here we have Shabir Ally touting Islamic rule via democratic means, and not a peep or prodding from Steve Paikin.

Now, let me emphasize, Shabir Ally is a pretty calm Muslim leader. I don't think he would support any of the extreme aspects of Sharia/Islamic law. Yet, just ponder it. He is living in Canada and is actually discussing Islamic Law in Canada.

Is that really a moderate opinion?


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