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The Ironies of Moderate Muslims - Shabir Ally

Shabir Ally is among the model moderate Muslims in the West. He denounces violence and works to ensure moderate interpretations. I happened to watch him on TVO and a few interesting points stood out.

What About the Hadith? Like many moderate Muslims, they tend to play down the Hadith.  At around 36:10, he speaks poorly of the Sunnah and emphasizes mainly adhering to the Koran. Does this make him a Quranist Muslim? But of course the irony is that most practices that would constitute being Muslim from beard, to the 5 pillars are from the Hadith.

It is the ultimate paradox for Moderate Muslims. They dismiss most of the Hadith that shows things that don't want to do. Then they embrace the rest of the Hadith they want with staunch religious fervor.
Sharia Law/Islamic State? A really interesting discussion takes place near the end around 50:00. Here he discusses how the yout…