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Metaphors, Interpretation, and God

It seems that anytime we speak of religion and the texts, it inevitably goes into the land of metaphors and interpretation. In general, people tend to view the parts of religion they do not like as metaphors or ones that require an alternate interpretation. Other parts that they approve of are dealt with as literal.

This is very much the case with Islam. Islam today is still a very rule based religion. Muslims are required to live their life as stated in the Koran and follow the way of the prophet Mohamed. So you will such laws like not eating pork, abstaining for alcohol, wearing the hijab, growing a beard. forbidden interest, and so on and so forth.

Then you get into controversial versus and suddenly people's internal morality kicks in and they do not agree with what is plainly written. And so it must be a metaphor or it requires a different interpretation.

One can spend an eternity of debate arguing about the text, the meaning, the hadith, the history, the context... and ultim…

What is extremism?


What is Extremism? I've been watching this series of videos and it is rather interesting to people dance around words. Words like inclusive, freedom, extremism. Yet, few actually define them. Maajid Nawaz does a pretty good job, but it is an indication of how often he is misunderstood when making these points, of how distorted our perceptions of these words are.

Is Extremism Just Violence? A common statement is that only violence is extreme. You can believe what you what, think what you want, act how you want... as long as you don't use violence. Only violence is extremist.

So let me get this straight, the following views would not be considered extremist?
The white race is superiorSharia/Islamic law should govern the worldOur laws should be based on religious books Men are superior to womenWomen are superior to menSlavery is acceptablePeople who eat meat should be charged with murderHomosexuality is wrongPoor people should be steril…