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Is it Oppression?

I ended up watching this video. It had some interesting parts to it as it relates to religion. It even has some interesting parts about challenging taboos  and social norms. All of which I thoroughly agree. Yet, then it took an interesting turn, especially near the end in question period. A turn towards oppression and taboos in general culture.

It started off interesting as a Muslim girl trapped in Islam. Fearing such silly things like sleeping on her stomach because that is how the people in hell do it. It probably draws on imagery of female oppression be it honor killings, severe social and mobility restrictions within Islam, the niqab, punishments for adultery...

Then of course, it gets interesting. As this is ultimately a girl who grew up in California, and she recognizes that her oppression is not their oppression. She is not suffering oppression at the hands of the Taliban.

One gets a slight hint of what she thinks is harm/oppression when she talks about the following dichotom…