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Is Religion Faith?

I wanted to ponder this question as it has come up a bit. During any discussion of religion, you're bound to run into the concept of faith. What's interesting to me is when someone is rational enough to acknowledge that religion is ultimately faith. They don't try to justify it using any kind of ridiculous arguments that can easily be refuted.

They will simply make a statement like the following.

Religion is faith. You can't prove God or disprove God. You simply believe.
 It sounds like a worthy statement. Heck, most agnostics would agree with such a thing.

But does that mean there is no point in discussing religion as it is just about faith?

Religion is More than God Ultimately religion is a lot more than God. It contains many things that can be discussed or argued very rationally. Heck, if all religion was is an abstract belief on God, it would truly be a meaningless discussion. Yet, that is not what religion is. It is set of very earthly beliefs and texts and practi…

Equal Opportunity Versus Equal Outcome


The article above concerns an interesting case. Some tech companies like Apple/Facebook are paying women to freeze their eggs. This presumably allows them to have kids at a later age. They would thus spend their youth working very hard; just as hard as men in the tech field.

 On this topic, people tend to throw around the contrasting phrases equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity.

Equality of Opportunity  Arguments that grasp onto equality of opportunity claim that as long as there is nothing stopping you from working, then you simply make a choice. Some men value their time and take a less stressful job. Some men really want to work hard and excel in their field and devote their life to it. There is nothing standing in their way, but their own choices, dedication, and talent. No one is barred from the field. You simply make your choices.

Equality of Outcome Equality of outc…