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Planet of the Apes

I recently watched the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It is an amazing movie.
In this movie, Caesar, the lead chimpanzee, ponders on the nature of humans and apes. Initially he has a positive view of apes as they do not harm each other. Yet, that is quickly dismissed and he realizes just how similar they are.

Then, I noticed the orangutan, Maurice. He was my favorite ape in the movie. I suppose he was just a big, curious, independent, oaf, kind of life myself, I suppose.

It got me thinking on the personalities of the apes. From an evolutionary perspective, we are bound to have very similar traits.

It led me to this website:

Now, this is not an authoritative website, so consider this more a thought, than anything established. But from a cursory glance about the behavior of these animals, it seems to a decent fit.

It would appear humans probably have traits from all these, although at a societal level, we're probably more along the chimpanzee route. Each route probably provi…