Summary Design and Implementation

Well I recently talked to my wife about an old article I wrote about the issues of design and implementation in software


In any case, I think a good visualization helped a lot. I'm not going to dwell on too much detail here as the original article does it well enough.

A typical business might see a standard software development project, like this:

How Many Businesses See it

You can see here that in the mind of the business, all the design is done before it hits the implementation stage.
All the construction workers need to do is follow the blue print.
All the programmers need to do is follow the requirements documents, high level design, screen shots.

As I say in the original article, business can't conceive of a world without implementation. 

How Software is Actually Created

Notice the difference. The entire implementation phase is done by the compiler/linker.
Such is the greatness of the computer. It automates repetitive work.


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