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Leaving Religion and Discovering Masculinity

I find myself in an odd place. A large portion of my life has been devoted to figuring out my faith. By in large, I have mentally left any form of orthodox Islam behind in my life. Most of the reasons why can be found in my other entries, such as:

I could not ignore the blind reality that has been following me for most of my life. It took me a long time to get to a good spot in religion. I feel at peace with the lack of religion in its own way. Truth be told, I was always a questioning and liberal young lad. I remember questioning the idea of slavery in Islam at a very young age. My mother actually called the Imam and I excused it as the idea that they were just prisoners of war and it actually more humane than throwing them in jail. As life went on, I found myself excusing more and more of the religion.

Having spent most of my childhood in Canada, it was especially hard to understand Islam's view on women. I was not a women, but it was …

Summary Design and Implementation

Well I recently talked to my wife about an old article I wrote about the issues of design and implementation in software


In any case, I think a good visualization helped a lot. I'm not going to dwell on too much detail here as the original article does it well enough.

A typical business might see a standard software development project, like this:

How Many Businesses See it

You can see here that in the mind of the business, all the design is done before it hits the implementation stage.
All the construction workers need to do is follow the blue print.
All the programmers need to do is follow the requirements documents, high level design, screen shots.

As I say in the original article, business can't conceive of a world without implementation. 

How Software is Actually Created

Notice the difference. The entire implementation phase is done by the compiler/linker.
Such is the greatness of the computer. It automates repetitive w…

Mad Men and Indian Culture

I started to watch Mad Men recently. For those who don't know it takes place in the 60s.
The main character, Don Draper, is a high powered advertising executive with a picture perfect family. Yet, as was typical in those days, he has a lot of affairs outside with office workers and other women.

What I found are some of the views of Indian people. Many traditional Indian Men would tend to highly empathize with Don Draper. They have a goal of a very strong family with a good public face. Yet, many will cheat on their wives. As long as it remains hidden, the situation is generally allowed to go on. It's all rather tolerable.

What I find most interesting are views of Indian women. As many have become more aware, they take a very strong stand against this behavior. Yet, many behave very similarly to Don Draper when it comes to their family. They want to maintain a very strong relationship with their family and keep a good public face. Yet, they will often have boyfriends, have pre…

Politics for the Status Quo


 This is an interesting article about the political left in the Western World. I will comment on the article briefly before expanding on it at a general level.

These few quotes pretty much sum up the article.

The developed world is still barely recovering from a crisis that exposed the excesses of banker-directed economies and the perverse incentives of a capitalist system prone to cronyism and corruption. The failure of trickle-down economics has been borne out by rising inequality. In Britain, France, Spain, Sweden and Canada, among others, the main parties on the left are not only out of ideas – they’re devoid of personality. They stand for nothing but the bland promise of the status quo. By in large most people grasp this in terms of our political climate. The main reason given is that of realism. Parties need to be electable, so they can't do/promise anything too diff…