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Rights and Responsibilities

I have always been fascinated by rights and responsibilities. I guess it comes as no surprise that most people tend to think heavily of their 'rights' and little of their 'responsibilities'. How easy it is to simply invoke the idea of a right to get something you want. I've always believed in balancing rights with responsibilities. How can you claim a right without earning it?

I suppose that born in the Muslim religion/culture, there are definitely times I wonder why I think so deeply about such things. I am given a large number of rights that are of my definite benefit. Like most societies, whether or not you live up to your responsbilities, people still feel they are due their rights.

Consider such wonderful Islamic rights I have that would commonly be invoked by Muslim men
My wife cannot refuse to have sex with meI have a right to deny anyone I don't like entrance to my homeI have a right to an obedient wifeI have the right to marry multiple womenI have the …