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The Church of Technology

I watched a good Ted Talk the other day by Benjamin Bratton about the 'failure' of Ted Talks.

He basically says that TED is essentially a Church for technology. A place where such people hide from reality and not address problems. It is the 'progressive' equivalent of Fox News if you will. A place where they can pretend that technology can solve problems even though our biggest problems have little to do with technology.

Benjamin Bratton Is Right I think he is right. I've had similar thoughts about the whole high-tech culture. Like him, I see no issue with technology, or people talking about their works. It is the culture or movement behind it. People think that this movement will solve the world's problems by talking about it. It is just high-minded discussion more for entertainment and feeling good.

TED is Useful, even as a Church However, I think TED is very useful, even simply as a Church or movement. Bratton wishes to have real intellectual conversations …

Islam and Authoritarianism

Growing up in within a highly Islamic environment is definitely interesting. What is even more interesting is reflecting back on it when you are liberal and secular as I am now. The chuckle as I remember being taught all the rules of Islam.
Enter the washroom with the left foot and leave with the rightNever stand and peeWhat prayer to say before eating dinner or travellingYour pants should never be below the ankleWhen to pray and at exactly what timeHow to pronounce the Koran in Arabic exactlyWhat foods are halal How long a beard should beHow much Zakat should be paid and on what does it applyAccounting for the time differential of sunset depending on the city you're in for Ramadaan... It is often funny trying to explain Islam to people who didn't grow up Muslim. It is not just some vague belief in God with some basic rules like don't drink and save sex for marriage. It is literally a rule book governing every aspect of your life. At least that is the case within the domin…