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Foundations of Morality

Morality has always fascinated me. Why do people think what they are doing is right or wrong. Heck, half the time I wonder if people have ever given it a thought. The most moral actions of some people seem completely immoral to other people. But if there's one thing that seems constant, it is the everybody seems to think they're moral.

I've had a lot of thoughts in this area and also how to best organize society, but I recently watched a video that really organizes these thoughts.
1/7 Jonathan Haidt lecture about morality

Foundations of Morality Essentially he argues that we have 5 centers of morality that we are born with. They were gained via evolution and are present in all people and cultures. They have been essential to our development. These pillars are then built upon by our experience growing up.

The centers are listed below.

This is basically the morality of help…