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ObamaCare is a very interesting topic. I personally have very mixed feelings on it. On the 'big picture' of ObamaCare, I tend to be moderately in favor of it. Yet, like all political pieces of legislation, the devil is always in the details. The success of piece of legislation is rarely in the big picture sound bite, but in the thousands and thousands of paragraphs of legislation that almost nobody reads.

First The Good The good thing about ObamaCare is that is does try to ensure all Americans have health insurance. It does this by mandating that they purchase health insurance and it will penalize them if they don't.

The Mandate Now, I do agree this is an infringement on freedom. That libertarian side of me twitches under the threat of force of government. It begs to ponder, if this program is so good, why do you need to force people into it? Nonetheless, the mandate makes sense in the larger context of healthcare in America. America does not operate in a total libertari…