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Why did God Create Us to love him?

I have always been puzzled at the motives of the traditional Abrahamic God.
Why would God create mankind to worship him and then punish mankind with eternal torture in hell if they don't worship him?  If a person were to do that, we'd probably call them some kind of Narcissistic psychopath; or some other word a professional psychiatrist would associate.

And yet, as I reflect on it, we as humans do seem to have that in common with the accounts of God. Many people get pets like dogs for the express purpose of that dog being a loyal toy to 'love' them. Now most of us wouldn't get sadistic on the dog if the dog chose not to love us and disobey us.  But various degrees of people do certainly treat dogs very poorly. People can and do get sadistic on a dog if it does not obey its role to love and obey its master.  In a sense, God's motives to both create and punish humanity is a very human thing.

For a more modern concept, imagine we could create people in lab; which…