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Is the Cloud A Good Thing For Computing?

The transformation of the home computer to 'The Cloud' is a very substantial change.
It represents a whole host of changes to all the stake holders in the computing process.

I want to focus this article more on the benefits of the cloud of the technical side of computing.  However, I will briefly touch upon how it affects the other stake holders.

What is Cloud Computing?  In general, cloud computing means the bulk of the processing is done on servers hosted by someone else. The user only acts to supply input and view output on their computing device.

For example, the popular email service GMAIL is an example of cloud computing.
Google stores all your emails.
Google does all the processing of receiving/sending/searching for emails...
You only interact with a webpage that lets you input and view emails.

The opposite of cloud computing is what I will term 'local computing'.
Using Microsoft Word on your desktop is an example of local computing.
You install MS Word on your…