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Responsible Socialism

Socialism, like all political philosophies is a complicated and diverse ideology.
It has its pros and cons. It has its tradeoffs. Yet, like all political philosophies, it needs to actively address it's downsides to be at its best.

Some of the major downsides of socialisms are:

1. As decisions are made by the government, corruption is increased as special interest groups lobby the government for their own benefit. Banks are bailed out. Public sector unions enrich themselves. Well connected corporations get contracts... Those connected to the government do well. Those not connected do worse. Of all the downfalls of socialism, this is one of the most dangerous in my view.

2. Irresponsibility is increased in the society as people are not called to handle problems themselves. They do not learn how to be responsible and accept the costs of various realities. This can lead to unrealistic expectations and thus bankruptcy. Examples here include pension and healthcare issues in much of the…