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Relgion and Empire

As a child growing up and as a Muslim, it was always taken as a given that 'Christianity' was corrupt. It's holy books were changed. It was more politics than religion. I mean, having a priestly cast who needed to absolve you of your sins. Purely politics.

The Christian Roman EmpireThe history of Christianity is quite interesting and heavily tied to the Roman Empire.
It is heavily well documented, but the chronology essentially goes like this.

[~4 BC] Birth of Jesus Christ[~ 30 AD] Death of Jesus Christ[~60-90 AD] Various Gospels and Book of Revelation Written200 YEARS PASS[313 AD] Emperor Constantine makes Christianity a legal religion of the Roman Empire[325 AD] Constantine calls the first ecumenical council at Nicea to determine what is 'Valid Christianity' and decide what books shall be considered valid[381 AD] Ecumenical Council at Constantinople[431 AD] Ecumenical council held at Ephesus... more councils and rulingsAn Ecumenical council is a meeting of religious…