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The failure of the American Right

I was rather apathetic about the 2012 American Election. Romney or Obama... it didn't really seem to matter. But many in the media are talking about the failure of the conservatives to attract people. The philosophy, ideology, and policies of the right are simply not attractive to many people.

On this I think there is a point. The American right has to being to really look at its philosophy and reflect on what it stands for and how its policies should be put forth.

All Leaders Think They Do Good I do have a general belief that all leaders think they are doing what is good. I don't think Hitler woke up every morning thinking 'How can I be the most evil person today?' I think he thought he was doing what was good to bring back Germany and reshape the world into a better place. Well of course he didn't value things like... life... and peace... very well and so he goes down in history as one of the most evil people.

So I don't doubt Obama or Romney in these desire…

Income Inequality... Just Who in the 1%

It is very common these days to hear the chants of income inequality.
The gap between the top 10% or the top 1% and the rest of society is too much.

The image of the rich bankers looting everyone of their wealth living large, while the poor and middle class suffer. What we need of course is higher taxes and more government to help the poor and middle class.

Well, it sometimes help to look at the numbers.
I will show that it is in reality the government that has increased income inequality.

One can read more about the numbers behind it here:

The Top 1%In Canada, to be part of the top 1%, you need an income of:


That's right... in Canada... to be part of the top 1%, you need a $230,000 salary.
It doesn't sound like very much... and the breakdown is actually as follows:

Finance/Insurance: 10% of the people in the top 1%

CEOs and other high management: 14% of the people in the top 1%

Doctors/Dentists: 10%…