Diablo 3 - Review

Diablo 3 is just an interesting game to play. The mechanics are insanely simple, yet fun for an odd reason. I came into this game blind, not really reading any reviews or guides.

The game has 4 difficultly levels that you have to progress through in order. I'm playing a Barbarian

Normal Mode

Normal mode can only be considered an introduction. I literally didn't need any skill or tactics. Just stand there and left-click-right-click. I felt a little cheated, thinking this is the game? Yet you cannot  view Diablo 3 as a game whose goal is progressing through the story line. It is the journey that matters and building up the character. Viewed in this light, Normal mode is best viewed as an introduction to the game and perhaps provides some satisfaction to everyone as everyone can see the end of the game and the various video sequences.  I've always been a fan of Diablo's video sequences.

Nightmare Mode

This is where the game really starts. Enemies actually start to get interesting and I died a few times. The hardest thing is dealing with elite enemies. They basically spawn with random abilities and random groups, so you end up with some interesting battles. These don't appear in Normal mode, so I was surprised to see them. The one that got to me first was the purple laser of death... or so I call it. I didn't even know what to make of it at first, random rotating purple lasers seemed to drop out and then I'd be dead.

So, I quickly learned that these special powers do a lot of damage. Freezing, magma, poison pools... are all very deadly and you have to stay alert and move around. A very big change from Normal mode. Choosing your abilities is also crucial and changing it up really affects battles. I do wish there was a quicker way to switch powers instead of going through the skills menu.  Never is this more true than on enemies that you need to stun or immobilize to kill. Some vampiric monsters as well as the little fast treasure goblins... I might not have a stun ability set and need to adjust the skill when encountering these. Not a huge deal, but frustrating and interrupts game play.

Bosses are too easy!

Now this part I found strange. All these elite unites were killing me and then I'd reach the boss... and it's like I had returned to normal mode. I could just sit there and attack them without any tactics. Just bash bash bash. Sure, the bosses have some powerful attacks, but they are easy to avoid. It does take a long time to kill a boss though. But bosses are simply too easy relative to the elite fights you face in the game.

Reading online later, this is a common complaint. Why are the elite unites so much harder than bosses? Now I understand why from a game perspective.  Apparently, they game designers didn't want people just killing bosses to get good items.  They wanted people to focus on dungeon crawling... but it's just so odd seeing such easy bosses.

Perhaps they could have only had bosses drop good items for each level once and made the bosses more powerful?

I don't know... in any case, it just seems odd to have the biggest battle be the elite units.

Hell/Infermo Mode

Is the same as Nighmare mode.  Random powerful elite units that are just plain though.  It's a grind getting through these.  I like the grind.

Pointless Tediousness

 There are a few elements to the game that just seem pointless. What is the point of identifying rare items? They don't take a scroll or consume any resources. You just right-click an items to identify it.  Perhaps a relic from an older version of the game I'm guessing.

The other odd factor is repairing items. Items naturally lose  durability as you go through battles and its neccessary to go back to town to repair your items every so often.  The repair cost is minimal though, so what's the point of this?


The presentation of the game is pretty well top notch. I don't have the best graphics card, so I have to turn down the effects a bit.  Nonetheless, it looks beautiful. The background visuals are particular beautiful as is the integration 'background' scenery bringing enemies into your path.  Enemies will crawl up cliffs and over the ledge and into your path.


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