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The Niqab is cultural?

It is often the claim of 'moderate' Muslims that the niqab is cultural.  This is some remnant of Arab culture, but 'real' Islam doesn't require women to hide behind the Niqab.  The 'Hijab on the other hand is considered the sign of a good Islamic woman.

I plan to investigate this here from the Islamic texts to show this is simply untrue.

For example, here's an article from the Toronto Star about the Niqab.

THE MCC'S call comes on the heels of an incident this month in which the head of the Al-Azhar University in Egypt, whom many consider to be Sunni Islam's foremost spiritual authority, asked a young woman to remove her niqab in her all-girls classroom when she stood up to ask him a question. According to media reports, he then told her the niqab was a cultural practice not founded in Islam.
But Tantawi's comments especially strength…

Why the Eglinton Crosstown is Confused with Streetcars

In Toronto, there is an on going debate about whether to build subways or light-rail. Advocates of light-rail insist that it is the 'masses' who just don't understand LRT. They are confusing it with 'old streetcars'. The masses just don't get LRT.

It is however my position that it is not the masses who are confusing LRT. It is in reality transit planners who are deploying LRT technology in a StreetCar like manner. 

You see people focus on the results of transit.
How fast will it take me to get somewhere?
How can I connect to other lines?
How far do I have to work?

Advocates of LRT, constantly focus on the vehicles themselves.

The Vancouver SkyTrain for example is an elevated light-rail system.  Yet, to people... it serves the purpose and vision as a subway system.  It is separated from traffic.  It gets you places quickly...That's what people talk about.

Let's see the plan for Toronto's Eglinton Cross-town.  As MetroLinx tries to contrast LRT and …

Diablo 3 - Review

Diablo 3 is just an interesting game to play. The mechanics are insanely simple, yet fun for an odd reason. I came into this game blind, not really reading any reviews or guides.

The game has 4 difficultly levels that you have to progress through in order. I'm playing a Barbarian

Normal Mode Normal mode can only be considered an introduction. I literally didn't need any skill or tactics. Just stand there and left-click-right-click. I felt a little cheated, thinking this is the game? Yet you cannot  view Diablo 3 as a game whose goal is progressing through the story line. It is the journey that matters and building up the character. Viewed in this light, Normal mode is best viewed as an introduction to the game and perhaps provides some satisfaction to everyone as everyone can see the end of the game and the various video sequences.  I've always been a fan of Diablo's video sequences.

Nightmare Mode This is where the game really starts. Enemies actually start to get in…