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How government policies hurt the 'Good' poor

If one question defines your view on the success of people it is this one:

How is it that a poor Asian family who came to Canada with nothing from a poor remote Indian/Chinese village can raise children who end up being doctors/lawyers/engineers, while the Canadian poor often stay in generational poverty?
If you're a modern progressive, you simply choose not to answer the question as you are forbidden from thinking culture/values has any impact on the success of  a person.    You think it has to be the level of education or the income of the parents that has the impact.

If you're a person who has reason and values emperical evidence, you realize that values and culture and ways of life are significantly important to how a person lives their life.  Seems almost self-evident does it not?

Yet, our political culture chooses the former of course, focusing entirely on income inequality or level of education.  This has actually had some very negative impacts on the 'Good' po…