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The Problem with Doctrinal Islam

The problem with doctrinal Islam is essentially that Muslims believe most of what they believe to be pure.
Most Muslims think, I believe validly, that Christianity and Judaism were altered over the years and thus are not true to the message they originally revealed.

The question I always ask, is what do these people think protects Islam from such alteration?
Let's start from the premise that the Koran itself is the unaltered word of God.  

Yet the Koran generally only covers general concepts.  Just reading the Koran itself, one cannot even find justification for praying 5 times a day.  At best there is a general concept of prayer... at best 3 times a day.

The real guts of practice are in the Hadith.  What are the Hadith?  The Hadith are essentially a historical record of the actions and words of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh).  They were largely passed down through oral traditional, but some were written.  They were compiled by men for centuries after the death of the prophet.  As wi…