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Islamic Intolerance and the Shafia Honor Killings

The Shafia case is indeed a tragedy and I don't know anyone who supports honor killings.  Everyone condemns it.  Even the scholars are issuing fatwas against it.

Yes murder is wrong... did we need a fatwa against murder?  Just think about this for a second.  We really needed a group of religious scholars to tell us it is wrong to kill your own daughter because she had a boyfriend?

This of course all done in the name of honor.

However, what I find a little disingenuous about the vast majority of Muslims who are quick to condemn the Shafias is they don't see how their own general intolerance and obsession with honor is what leads to honor killings in the extreme cases.

Now many cultures and religions have some degree of intolerance and honor.  This is not really unique to Islam.  However, Muslim culture does tend to have very little in the way of toleran…